So I saw this on Twitter:

Letter to the editor on no greeting condo

A person wrote to the local newspaper telling the story of his condominium making a new rule to not allow greeting each other.

As the story goes, one of the parents were telling the management comittee that they were teaching their children to not greet anyone that they know, and since it's difficult for children to know a person who is an occupant of the condo complex or not, the parent were asking the comittee to make a rule to not allow greetings in the condo complex.

At the same time, one of the older occupants were also saying that since their greetings always goes unaswered and doesn't make them feel any better, why not we just stop with all the greetings altogether?

And so the occupants have reached an agreement not to greet each other, and now they need to publish the new rule so that the rest of the condo complex occupants know and follow it.


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